Mopix Games | Combine seus poderes mágicos para derrotar hordas de inimigos em Magic Master, um jogo que mistura os gêneros de ação e Tower Defense em uma jogabilidade única.
Magic Master, a free-to-play tower defense, for Android and IOS. Combine magic powers to defeat hordes of enemies on it's unique gameplay.
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Download at: Apple Store

Play Store *Available only in Brazil for soft launch.

Platforms: Android and IOS
Price: Free-to-play
Genre: Action tower defense
Brazilian soft launch: September 2016

Magic Master

Magic Master is a genre-bending Tower Defense / Action game for App Store and Google Play. As the last Magic Master, you’ll have to defend alone the gates of Ukala City from uncountable enemies of the Blood Horde, a gigantic army lead by the orc sorcerer Thuruk Godum. In this game, you defend a single tower and must combine different kinds of magical powers to defeat your enemies. You can summon a stone wall to delay the incoming orcs and then cast a psych wave to drop it over them. Or you can call a huge wave to wash your foes and then electrify all of them with a well put lightning bolt. Magic Master Fanpage

Magic Master is going to be available in App Store and Google Play this year, but our betas are already playing it, just like our loyal supporters that crowdfunded this game at Kickante. The game raised R$10,155.00 (Brazilian Reals) on a crowdfunding campaign at Kickante –


What will come with the package?

  • Intense combats: think fast and act faster to annihilate your enemies.
  • Ice, Fire and much more: dominate your powers to win the war.
  • Combos: combine your spells to create even more powerful effects.
  • Unique gameplay experience with all power at your finger tips.
  • Epic stuff: your character have the power to defeat uncountable foes.
  • Lots of enemies: goblins, orcs, imps, gargoyles, giants and dragons.
  • Tower Skins inspired at the most famous fantasy universes.
  • Power upgrades and skins to make the gameplay cooler.
  • Backpack items to improve game endurance and mana levels.
  • And the best of all… It’s free!

Very soon at Android devices, iPhone and iPads.. Follow us at:

First reactions to Magic Master

“The best moment was when I discovered that I could, with the wave, create an electric combo. I saw all the monsters dying at the same time and couldn’t hold a malefic chuckle. It was very fun!”

Luisa Santana
BETA tester

“I loved the silhouette art style and the passage of time soft art effects on the background, using colors that attract but do not distract the player.”

Thiago Antunes Laender
BETA tester

“A very creative and unique game. This gameplay using spell powers to create combos is amazing!”

Vinicius Penna
BETA tester