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Mopix Games is game development outsourcing company. Providing full cycle game development services: design, art 2D/3D, animation, programming and audio.
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About Us

Mopix Games is game development outsourcing company. We provide full cycle game development services in all major areas of game development that cover game design, art design (2d and 3d), animations, programming and audio. Our team strives to create simple and fun games for everyone!


The company was founded by Prof. Raoni Aldrich Dorim in may 2014 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and began developing native iOS and Android games. In 2016 Mopix Games had a great leap forward, due to our participation at both of the most important game accelerator programs in the world: GAME FOUNDERS and CORE Labs. The core members of the company travelled to US, Malaysia, Indonesia, and France to learn about business with 200 of the best minds of the game industry. We now targeting Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, as well as website integration. Our office is currently at Laboratorio Aberto do SENAI/SEBRAE – a government facility dedicated to support innovative startups.

Today Mopix Games is proud of building a strong team of game development specialists and has a reputation of a reliable partner for its customers, providing affordable rates combined with high quality products. The company is now conquering the world and working in new and exciting games.

Meet tRaoni Aldrich Dorimhe captain
Raoni Aldrich Dorim – CEO

Mopix Games founder, teacher at the FUMEC University and President of GAMinG – Minas Gerais Game Association. While creating unique and fun games, guides promising talents to achieve their dreams, fostering the video games ecosystem at Belo Horizonte – Brazil.

Mopix: Worldwide – indie games

Belo Horizonte’s game market is booming with 44 companies and growing. It’s promising for investors and entrepreneurs that want to start a new project that can scale globally.
Mopix Games trusts on the quality of our local talents and see this growing environment as an opportunity to conquer the international market. The company has a comprehensive network of professionals and is ready to grow and expand the headquarter.

Network is key

Prof. Raoni Aldrich Dorim, founder of Mopix, has 14 years of experience producing games. During this period he developed a large network of professional contacts all around the world. Nowadays, Raoni is also teaching in the course of Digital Games at FUMEC UNIVERSITY, and has the support of the institution to expand the universe of possibilities of the company.

Meet the multimedia office: SENAI/SEBRAE Open Lab.

Laboratório Aberto SENAI/SEBRAE, localizado no Centro de Inovações Tecnológicas do SENAI.

Mopix Games works inside an Open Laboratory, located at the at the
Center of Innovation and Technology of SENAI FIEMG,  campus CETEC,
Address: José Candido da Silveira avenue (Entrance: Sete street)
number: 2000, Horto, Belo Horizonte, MG – Brazil – CEP 31035-536


Interested on developing an outsourcing project or partnership?
Send us an email and request a meeting: