Mopix Games | About us
Simple and fun games for mobile Android and IOS devices. Mopix Games is a Brazilian independent game startup based at Belo Horizonte - Brazil. We strive to push the boundaries of game design in order to get new approaches to casual game mechanics.
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About Us

Mopix Games is an independent game company focused at mobile platforms. The company mission is to develop simple and fun games for everyone.


Mopix Games started as Raoni’s life project, who invited his promising student Alessandro to start the company at may 2014, inside Raoni’s apartment, at Belo Horizonte – Brazil. They started a journey to produce Mopix’s first game, Pirate Clickers (Release at september 2014). Later that year Marcelo Faria joined the crue, with great marketing and communication skills, improving worldwide distribution. Together this 3 strong minds prepare games capable of conquering the world. Our office is currently at Laboratorio Aberto do SENAI/SEBRAE – a government facility dedicated to support innovative startups.

Mopix Games Team

Raoni Aldrich Dorim

Raoni Aldrich Dorim – CEO

Game designer (12 years), musician and professor of Digital Games at FUMEC University in Belo Horizonte.

Alessandro Russo – GAME DEV

Game developer with artistic and musical abilities. Student of Digital Games at FUMEC University.

Marcelo Faria Avatar

Marcelo Faria – MKT

Aikido teacher, writer, game designer and journalist in the newspaper: Estado de Minas.

Mopix: Worldwide – indie games

Belo Horizonte’s game market is still young and it’s starting to grow. However it’s promising, we have only a few companies and our main focus is on serious games for our own local market.
Mopix believes that this is a great opportunity, but we want to go further and explore the international market. Our main concern is to make simple and very interactive games for every public.

Network is the key to success

Mr. Raoni Aldrich Dorim, founder of Mopix, has 12 years of experience in the serious games market at Belo Horizonte. During this period he developed a large network of professional contacts. Nowadays, Raoni is also teaching in the course of Digital Games at FUMEC UNIVERSITY, and has the support of the institution to expand the universe of possibilities of the company.

Mopix Games has a comprehensive network of professionals who work on specific projects and is ready to grow in a structured way.

Meet the multimedia office: SENAI/SEBRAE Open Lab.

Laboratório Aberto SENAI/SEBRAE, localizado no Centro de Inovações Tecnológicas do SENAI.

Mopix Games works inside an Open Laboratory, located at the at the
Center of Innovation and Technology of SENAI FIEMG,  campus CETEC,
Address: José Candido da Silveira avenue (Entrance: Sete street)
number: 2000, Horto, Belo Horizonte, MG – Brazil – CEP 31035-536


Interested to develop a project or partnership?
Send us an email to request a meeting: