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Simple and fun games for mobile Android and IOS devices. Mopix Games is a Brazilian independent game startup based at Belo Horizonte - Brazil. We strive to push the boundaries of game design in order to get new approaches to casual game mechanics.
Dibre, Dribble, Olé, Ole, Soccer, Futball, Game

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Platforms: Android and IOS Price: Free-to-play Genre: Casual Game Final launch: March 2017

What will come with the package?

  • DIBRE everyone with simple and intuitive controls
  • IT’S SHOWTIME use the Super Dibre to let all defenders behind
  • UNLOCK LEGENDS and feel a little like your favorite player
  • DRIBBLE MORE than your friend and beat records
  • BE UNBEATABLE and show how to own the field

Very soon at Android devices, iPhone and iPads.. Follow us at:


IT’S OLÉ TIME! Join the football legends and make the most beautiful DIBRE! * DIBRE IS IN BETA! After playing, please come by and leave your feedback: Feedback FORM

IT’S SHOWTIME! Feel the true emotion of football in DIBRE and bring the adversary defenders to their feet. This is not a game about goals, offside traps or any other useless elements. We don’t want any distractions to the most beautiful moment of the game: the dribble, or, as we say in Brazilian Football Portuguese, the DIBRE!

Everyone knows football is the most passionating sport in the world. And of course, dribbling is the highlight of the game. It is more exciting than bicycle goals. Greater than lifting the champion trophy. Better than making a goal with your hand in the World Cup final match. Yes, the highlight of this fabulous sport is the DIBRE. It is the epitome of cunning ball control. It is both an art and an entertainment. DIBRE is the act to leave enemies on their feet while you graciously move through the field, like a football god.

And yes, you’re allowed to share this emotion. Now you can feel like this football god using only the tip of your fingers. Welcome to DIBRE!