Mopix Games | Rocket Swipe Racing
Simple and fun games for mobile Android and IOS devices. Mopix Games is a Brazilian independent game startup based at Belo Horizonte - Brazil. We strive to push the boundaries of game design in order to get new approaches to casual game mechanics.
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Rocket Swipe

Rocket Swipe – Racing

Rocket Swipe: Use finger gestures to pilot spacecrafts in this Wacky Race inspired by science fiction universes from the 80’s.

Control spaceships in an electrifying race. Use finger gestures to make tight turns to get ahead of opponents in this space convoys race. Collect rockets, spaceships and flying saucers and join the classic heroes of science fiction while battling in the intergalactic championships. Test your reflexes on the tracks by dodging bombs, chainsaws and gravitational prisons. Reach maximum speed and take advantage black holes to break the world record and challenge your friends. Climb the ranks and become the most awarded pilot in the galaxy!

Very soon at Android devices, iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs.. Follow us at:


Platforms: Android, IOS, PC and MacOSX (Steam) Price: Free-to-play Genre: Racing Game Final launch date: October 2018

What will come with the package?

  • Agility: Test your reflexes on this insane race.
  • Skins: Collect unique spacecrafts inspired by classic Sci Fi movies and games.
  • Speed: Accelerate to the maximum and exceed everyone.
  • Competition: Win the challenges and master the rankings.